Captain America – History In The Making

Captain America is not just an American icon but also Marvel’s very own flagship. It is originally created by Simon and Jack Kirby and was first appeared in Captain America Volume 1 Marvel Comics back in 1941. Captain Steven Rogers is the first Marvel Comics superhero character and gained popularity not just in the country but all around the world. Captain America also got TV series by MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Evans is one of the most famous actors who portrays Captain America from its movie series and Avenger series. Upcoming Avengers movie will be released on 2018 and 2019.
• Cap does not have any special super powers but rather just an average guy who became a candidate to take the super soldier serum developed by Mr. Stark.
• As soon as he took the serum, his body was enhanced together with his abilities. It increases his human ability including his strength, speed, reflexes, durability and endurance.
• But that’s not all. He wouldn’t be called as captain for nothing. He is a tactician and commander in the field. His military knowledge is his greatest strength.
• He doesn’t have any laser that comes out from his eyes, or the uni-beam just like Iron Man has. His primary weapon is his shield both offensive and defensive.
• His suit is not just your normal tight blue sweatshirt but rather made of a fire retardant material. Originally, his mask was also made from fabric but later became metal thanks to Nick Fury.
• Aside from his shield, he also rides his old school motorcycle modified by SHIELD and has the ability to change its color for disguise. It is specially made for the captain whenever he wants to launch himself from his ride.

Collectable Items
• Today, you can find many Captain America’s collectible items from toys, shirts, Captain America backpack, comics, Captain America cards, and posters. For marvel fans, your collection would not be completed without the Cap.

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